The German football team had just won the World Championship in 1990, when Craig first saw the light of day.

Craig was born in Cologne. Yet he spent most of his first year in Indonesia. Together with his dad, mom and an Indonesian family he lived in a suburb of Makassar.

In 1993 his brother Dario was born. They went to the
Montessori School in downtown Cologne. Six years later Craig‘s dad got a job as professor of culture anthropology in Roman Trier.

The Antweilers have the privilege to enjoy thrilling trips to the roof of the world and to the world‘s end and to other places all over the world - both privately and in connection with field excursions.

Boleh lah!“. Above all, it were the Malaysians and their lust for life, the landscape and the cultural diversity that elated Craig outright. The keys to his dream matured in a student exchange program to Malaysia, Craig‘s second home-to-be.

“Twelve months filled with fun, love and challenges I lived together with my generous Malay family in Shah Alam, Selangor. Malaysia shaped me profoundly and gave rise to a most memorable year.“

Ever since, Craig relishes CouchSurfing cruising our beautiful planet.

„I‘m a roadjunky, a digital native and above all a human being - just like you!“

In 2008 Craig & family moved back to Cologne, where he finished his A-levels. He joined Amnesty International.

Since 2010 he‘s been studying maths & media sciences in Leipzig. To further specialize in real algebraic geometry he studied one year at Cal in the Bay Area. Craig loves the magic of living collectively like at Casa Zimbabwe in Berkeley or the Pögehaus in Leipzig.

“I love to familiarize with the unfamilar: new environments, new people, new perspectives, new visions.
My quest for serendipity.“