New Year‘s Eve – sleeping – breakfast – airport – Africa – WOOOW! Max, Felix and I were thrilled to explore Morocco starting off in Fez. Fascinated with every new serendipity in the Medinas we make friends with a local. Sayd shows us around. In his dorm (8 men, 8 m2) we‘re welcomed with a true, authentic hospitality & 110% fun.

We‘re freezing in the night train to colonial Casa. Having fooled the Hyatt Regency bellboys we take advantage of the bathroom facilities. Haha.

In Marrakesh we kick back, savour food & atmosphere and reclaim the fun of bargaining that too many tourists have spoit. We chat with farmers, hotel staff & others all over the Medina. Our CouchSurfers add to the fun time we‘re having in Marrakesh.

Check out the movie! A taste of Africa! Thanks to all CouchSurfers!