For a long time I had one picture flashing in my mind whenever I‘d hear the word “Israel“ or “Palestine“: It‘s a long shot on a street scene devastated by a bomb blast. Deserted. Dry. Dead. Smoke rises from a bus wreckage. Crying People. You know the news ...

I was so looking forward to erase that picture, to get to know the people, to share memorable moments and yes we did.

Now I have a new picture: It‘s a vibrant beautiful scene packed with smiling people. It‘s Israeli settlers joking over tasty dates, Palestinian families playing games, checkpoint soldiers chatting about love and Kibbuz guys proud of their colorful creativity. It‘s people who don‘t need a conflict. They‘re living a peaceful life. It‘s very sababa!

16 days of hitchhiking & CouchSurfing was just the appetizer for a region offering desert & beach, Asia & Europe and honey & milk.

Toda. Shukran. Thanks.