Hitch-hiking is a lifestyle! Lift by lift it‘s new adventures with fascinating people and their stories – like CouchSurfing.

I hitched first in Centralamerica. There we enjoyed rides on Pick-Ups and in public buses, with lone truck drivers and upbeat families, long cross-border distances and village-hopping.

Thumbing up rides in Europe I‘m most of the time faster than highspeed trains. With friends I participated in the German Hitch-hiking Championship.

In 2011 my brother joined me staging the next level of traveling: We hitch-hike through Asia from West to East to meet people, see places and go beyond frontiers. We were curious about 9500 kilometers land that seperate Germany from Malaysia. The people along the Silk Road are amazing. We even hitched a tractor to the Taj Mahal and a police car to a lonely Thai beach.

Hit the road and stay tuned for more insights into hitching!