This unlikely story began two weeks before dead week. I had just finished my problem set on homology groups when a notification popped up on my screen. As I read the header I quickly evaluate the possibility of anything exciting. Although expecting something boring, my optimism urged me to open the email … WOW … amazing:

"Seeking: Partner for airplane-based camping adventure(s), possibly involving hot springs, quaint small towns, and/or pancakes.“

Tobin and I were indeed the perfect match for this project.

In Bridgeport I had one of my most intensive (prejudice) American experiences yet: A vivid ghost town. An impressive court house, abandoned motels and some burger shops line the main road that SUVs speed through without slowing down. There seemed to be more stars and stripes than inhabitants: Huge flags on all buildings waved through the dry and hot air in front of the massive panorama of the Sierra Nevada. See the epic adventure unfold.