Yaaay. Big Apple.

This city never sleeps. There‘s always new things to explore. It‘s pure indulgence to grasp at the atmosphere of this birthplace of creativity, visions and urban lifestyle.

This time I pretty much enjoyed the neighborhood of Harlem in NYC‘s north. I loved to join the others for cool exhibitions in Arts Museums such as MoMA. The cable car leaping over to Roosevelt Island has some nice views into the urban canyons and rewards with mind-blowing views at the skyline. Yet my favorite is the recently expanded highline around Chelsea. It‘s a whopping 1-km-park built on a section of a former elevated railroad spur. Go & see!

Suddenly Dario threw in a gorgeous idea: We put together some some clips to greet friends & family.

Wishing everybody fun, love & surprises in 2012!

Love. Craig.