As I hand over my exam I swap uni discipline for holiday hedonism:
I zoom to northern Germany joining Franzi for an enthusiastic Sacred Harp singing before we stick out our thumbs the next day.

We eyepop at the Biscaya landscape, inspiring hospitality and countless serendipities along our hitchhiking tour to the Spanish version of Land‘s End or as they call it: Fisterra.

Jaw-dropping cliffs touch sky and sea in tranquil Mers les Bains while Gent and Bayonne ooze with jolly and colorful vibes.

Guess what ... CouchSurfing ist so 2008 ...

Now is Rural CouchSurfing - taking us to romantic Becherel - the "city of books", a dogs shelter in the Picos de Europa and the insights of a medieval port city in Galicia.

At Fisterra we are rewarded with spectacular views over the Atlantic, the fragrance of French Roquefort and Spanish Rioja wine.

Enjoy 3250 kilometers squashed into one awesome minute: