As the sun rises we drive by the waves of the Makassar Strait pounding furiously against the cliffs. Our night bus is bound for the "Land of the Heavenly Kings" commonly known as Tana Toraja. I sit back and trip down the memory lane of the past few days.

We had cruised through picturesque paddy fields curling in Bali‘s hillside, snorkeled the colorful underwater world off Lombok, petted dragons on Komodo and got a glimpse of hobbits‘ home Flores.

Now we swap the pleasures of the urban lifestyle in sun-pampered Makassar for exotic culture and off-the-beaten-track nature.

The cultural treasures seem infinite as we explore Tongkonan (high-thatched traditional houses) and a rock face with Tau-Taus (wooden effigies of the dead) on balconies and dozens of hanging coffins bursting with sculls and bones. It‘s a staggering view that unfolds in front of us. Makassar and the state of South Sulawesi is truly an indulgence for both the mind and body. Have a look ...