The SnoozeToob is an ultra lightweight down sleeping bag that doubles as an additional clothing layer or a blanket. This mini pushes the frontiers of sleeping bag design. With a weight of one pound and a comfort temperature rating of 7°C the SnoozeToob is a gravity defying must-have for the outdoor enthusiast.

Scroll down for our new disruptive innovation: the SnoozeToob Vario

Awesome Customization Options & Fair Pricing

You can choose between dark grey and light black. The fabrics such as Dyneema Nylon Rip-Stop are actually NASA-technology.

Students and seniors pay 20% extra becuase they get rebates everywhere.


The SnoozeToob is entirely made from bio Karma materials. We collect the fabrics and the high quality down from happy farmers under the fair trade umbrella.

We only ship through companys that use CO2 compensation programs.

Our factory staff is the happiest in the world.

Why SnoozeToob ?

The name was invented in Oststrasse 56 while pondering on how to achieve the best marketing image. We choose ,snooze‘ because everyone loves taking a nap and ,toob‘ because it describes the shape of the bag and makes familiar ,Tube‘ sound a bit more hip.

Thanks to Dan and the O56 community.

Dan will also publish a SnoozeToob song.

Orders & Questions

Contact us by mail: or follow this link.

Orders are taken through the comment box of the video only. All orders are processed via NSA controlled servers.

Our Orchid Prime Deluxe customers receive their bag by drop off from a drone. All material is hand picked.

You can opt for a care package which is basically getting access to our phone number and a free sticker to advertise us.

SnoozeToob Air

We further slashed the weight to 420g with the SnoozeToob Air. The quilt doubles as a blanket once the velcro is opened. It has no insulation at the back to perfectly snug in different clothing situations. The Air attaches through hooks to the torso-sized insulation mat. Because it‘s lighter, the price is heavier – obvious.

SnoozeToob Vario

At SnoozeToob HQ we take our passion for disruptive innovation beyond our products and into our practices. We follow a vision, not a path. The first thing we ask ourselves is what do we want people to feel? Delight. Surprise. Love. As part of our continuing mission to leave the world better than we found it we’re committed to design, perfect, simplify until everything we touch enhances each life it touches. The SnoozeToob Vario is a clear example of this idea.

The Vario is an ultralight outdoor allrounder. It transcends categories and labels. #PackLessPlayMore

Our friends love us


„Eye popping.“

„The SnoozeToob made my dreams jealous.“

„It completely changed the way we look at things.“